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Understanding Business Tax in Quebec 


The business tax has always been a rather tricky topic for the lame person. However, when it comes to business tax laws in Quebec, it gets even more difficult to understand. Business tax refers to the tax that businesses pay to the government annually. This tax is usually dependent on factors such as the structure and income stream of the business. Although the same applies to companies in Quebec, the specifics are slightly different. If you want to know more about business tax in Quebec, keep reading.

How Does Business Tax Work in Quebec ?

The business tax rate in Quebec is slightly different for small and large businesses. This is because all companies must pay both the federal tax and the CDAE Provincial Tax. While the federal tax goes to the federal government, the CDAE Provincial Tax is paid to Quebec as a province. The business’s income is an essential factor for the federal and provincial tax.

Note that there are deadlines associated with both federal and provincial taxes. Not surprisingly, there are certain penalties for not paying the tax on time. However, these penalties depend greatly on the size of the business in question. Due to the tax rules, businesses in Quebec are encouraged to know when to file their taxes to avoid breaking any laws. 

Important Concepts of Business Tax in Quebec

Understanding all there is to know about business tax in Quebec is something you can only do after a while. However, some important concepts form the basis for the business tax in Quebec. Below are some important concepts about business tax in Quebec.

Small Business Deduction

This special deduction system is available to some small businesses. Because Quebec businesses have to pay federal and provincial taxes, a special deduction reduces the burden for small business owners. If you qualify for this rate reduction, you will only have to pay 9% tax, as opposed to the regular 15% other active businesses pay.

A small business deduction can reduce the tax rate for qualifying firms on profits up to $500,000. However, it is more challenging than you think and only applies to some businesses. This is because there are some criteria that the business must meet. For example, your business has to be Canadian-controlled for you to get access to the small business deduction.

Late Penalties

This is another important concept about Quebec’s special business tax rate system to understand to avoid getting into trouble. When businesses do not pay their taxes on time, there are usually late penalties. These penalties are about 5% of the standard tax on the business. However, the late penalty fee increases gradually when this tax is paid for only a short time. You will be required to pay an additional 1% monthly for every month you miss. However, after 12 months, you may be facing criminal charges for tax evasion. 

When to File

“Filing” or “paying” refers to how businesses in Quebec pay their tax. However, unlike personal income tax, these taxes must be paid two to three months before the fiscal year ends. Therefore, after ten months, businesses are to pay their tax to avoid any delays. The amount required depends on the size of the business. Working with a tax consulting firm is one of the best ways to ensure that your taxes are paid on time and that you are not breaking any rules. The right firm will also help you find tax breaks to ease the financial burden. 

Tax Documents

For the sake of credibility, there are some tax documents that all businesses in Quebec are required to have on hand. This is to ensure that the business’s tax rate system works efficiently and is transparent enough for regulators. You can get access to these documents and fill them in electronically on NetFile Quebec. 

You Wouldn’t Want to Miss Your Business Taxes 

You now know all the basics of business tax in Quebec. Although the federal and provincial tax rates may seem different in Quebec than in other provinces, they offer more benefits to certain businesses. Find out if your business qualifies for these benefits. You must try your best to pay your taxes on time because they only get higher with delays.


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