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How can I use Political Campaign Software?


Increasingly, political campaign software is becoming a must-have for anyone trying to run a campaign. With a plethora of features that alleviate some of the most challenging administrative tasks associated with running a campaign, preparing your GOTV operations or managing your mandate, this form of software can make the workload for candidates substantially lighter. Resultantly, digitized campaigning is becoming more and more popular and political parties are starting to integrate the use in their strategies.

In this article, we’ve compiled some of the most ground-breaking features offered by political campaign software that make it one of the most important tools available to campaigners today. From electoral mapping to citizen relationship management systems, we’ve covered all the best aspects of this form of software that might make it a good investment for you and your campaign team. Read our full list of features below.

What is Political Campaign Software?

Political campaign software is a digital management system that centralizes all your campaigning activities (including door-to-door canvassing actions, donations and supporter feedback analysis) through the use of one singular piece of software. This form of technology helps to bridge the gap between contacts, voters and your campaign team by seamlessly bringing together all activities associated with your campaign. Some of the most impressive features offered by political campaign software include:

Key Features Offered by Political Campaign Software

Citizen Relationship Manager: one of the most useful parts of political campaign software is citizen relationship manager tools (CRM). CRM tools allow you to centralize all your communications with voters, supporters and contacts. Some of the most important CRM tools include the ability to create surveys to distribute to your contacts to gather essential feedback, send automatic targeted emails and SMS to particular voter demographics, organize all information associated with each contact to build an accurate profile for each member of your community and record every interaction or information you consider essential for your campaign.

Digital Organizing: political campaign software also provides you with the tools to speedily organize your volunteer teams, thereby empowering them to take action instantly. Some of the features that allow for this include mobile apps which your volunteers can access and use to log all communications, peer-to-peer messaging services which allow your volunteers to spread your message even further, and phone-banking features such as digital script and calling list sharing which provide your volunteers with the tools they need to start phoning actions right away. Also, equipping your volunteers with a tool to mobilize wherever and whenever they can and giving immediate feedback to the HQ.

Mapping and Analysis Tools: Door-to-door canvassing is one of the most effective ways of gaining support. Ensuring that your volunteers have the most efficacious tools at their disposal when knocking on doors is essential. One of the best tools you can provide your volunteers with is the digital mapping features offered by political campaign management; digital mapping and geolocation allow you to follow your canvassing in real-time and instantaneously update canvassing routes as you see fit. You can also use these tools to track the responses recorded by your teams and begin analyzing them as you receive them. The analysis provided by these digital tools offers a level of accuracy and precision that a campaign manager alone could never furnish your campaign with, making it an incredibly useful part of political campaign software. It can also be used to take strategic decisions and, if you consider using political software for your mandate, it is a good tool to make an analysis and see where you can deploy your efforts while governing, preparing to gather new supporters, and keeping loyal to the ones you already have.

Running a political campaign is not an easy feat. Between managing your contacts, tracking feedback from canvassing actions, and supporting your teams, it’s easy to feel overcome with work. That’s why political campaign software is so important- by providing tools that help you to speedily and efficiently manage all actions associated with your campaign, digitizing your campaign can transform your workload and ensure that you’re reaching as many people as possible too. For this reason, we recommend the use of political campaign software for every political campaign- without a doubt, it’s worth the investment!


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