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Teddit: browse Reddit in a privacy preserving way



Teddit is one of the most popular websites on the internet. It has over 200 million users and gets millions of pageviews every day. The downside to this popularity is that Reddit also attracts a lot of attention from advertisers, which means that the company can track your browsing habits and sell them to other companies who want access to your personal information.

This is exactly what happened when I was trying out some new apps for browsing Reddit: one kept asking me for permission before accessing my data (rate mine here), while another gave no indication it even existed until after I had closed down my browser! So what did I do? Simple: I moved onto another app called Teddit, which allows users privacy while still letting us use what we want from this incredibly popular website!

Teddit is the best way to browse Reddit

Teddit is the best way to browse Reddit. It’s quick and very light on data usage, so you can enjoy all of the content without worrying about your phone running out of battery or data.

Teddit doesn’t store any personal information about you (i.e., no cookies are created), but it does allow you to view posts from one subreddit in another so that you can explore different interests while browsing Reddit more easily.

Additionally, Teddit is a Progressive Web App (PWA) which means that it works across all devices that support ChromeOS, Android/iOS devices and desktop browsers such as Firefox and Opera!

It is quick and very light on data usage

Teddit is a Progressive Web App, which means that it has all of the benefits of being on the web without having to download a native app. This means it’s fast, light on data usage and uses less than 2MB of data per month.

Teddit also uses less than 2% of your battery life and less than 1% of your CPU time.

Nothing is stored or shared with anyone else

Nothing is stored or shared with anyone else. Your Reddit account is your own, and you control what data about yourself you share with us.

  • No cookies are used to collect information about users’ browsing activity on our site (cookies are small bits of data that websites can store on your computer to help them remember who’s using the service).
  • No analytics scripts or similar tools are loaded into Reddit’s services in order to track user behavior across websites.
  • No personal data is collected from users by default; however, some features may require additional information such as email addresses or phone numbers if they’re deemed necessary by Reddit engineers for various functions within its platform (for example: sending notification emails when a comment has received upvotes). In general, however, only non-personally identifiable information related specifically back towards individual users will be used by us rather than aggregated across many different accounts at once.”

You can use it anywhere because it is a Progressive Web App, meaning you can also install it on your phone!

Teddit is a Progressive Web App, meaning you can also install it on your phone! This makes it really easy to browse Reddit on your phone and use the app anywhere.

Teddit uses Google’s Material Design so that it looks good on any device (even if the screen size is smaller than 5 inches). It also supports offline mode, which lets you read articles even when there’s no internet connection available.

Teddit offers privacy while still letting you browse Reddit

Teddit is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that makes it easy to browse Reddit without using a lot of data. It’s also private, so you can browse in peace and quiet without worrying about your browsing history being tracked or shared with third parties.

Teddit offers privacy while still letting you find what you’re looking for on Reddit.


It’s time to take a look at what makes Teddit such an amazing tool for privacy-conscious Reddit users. We believe that the best way to browse Reddit is in a way which protects your privacy and keeps you safe from unnecessary data use.

Teddit does just that, allowing you to browse safely without worrying about how much data you use or what information might be shared with others if they see it on their device too. You can even install it on your phone so that when someone asks where did you get all those memes? You will have an answer ready!

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