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This System covers the whole life cycle of typical construction project work right from its review to its final completion.WAMIS has been developed with the reading that every one monetary transaction concerning the State/Central set up Schemes/Projects square measure accessed by the manager, law-makers, Internal Audit, External audit and also the nation at massive and also the same be assessed against the physical progress and also the desired outcome. The System is figure flow enabled and contains assorted building blocks within the style of the module as represented below”

Accounts Management System

This is a voucher primarily based register that captures all the monetary transactions in an exceedingly typical DDO workplace. this technique generates all the relevant schedules as well as the cashbook that square measure needed to be submitted to the workplace of the atomic number 47 at the tip of each month. this technique is predicated on the CPWA code, which has been prescribed for numerous engineering departments for accounting functions Read More this website devnetjobsindia.

Works And request

This module captures the whole info of typical construction work from the proposal stage. Approvals within the style of body approvals, Technical sanctions. The stages of approvals square measure embedded with supporting tools for estimation in support of approvals. later this module caters to the requirement of generation of contractor’s bills on the idea of recorded measurements supported by the SoR. The bill therefore generated becomes AN input to the register as a voucher.

Mobile Application for project website survey/inspections

To ensure that works concerned underneath numerous programs/schemes meet the requisite standards and to assess the particular progress of individual works a mobile-based application has been developed. This application allows the user to require geo-location labeled images moreover as record alternative parameters concerning project {site|website|web site} inspections/survey of the ongoing works at the placement of their construction site.

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