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4 Things a Management Company Can Do for Your Mid-Rise Apartment Building


Mid-rise buildings house many families and act as a community for their residents. Effective mid-rise management offers control of maintenance, finances, and even event or promotional planning, all from a central location! Here are four things a management company can do for your mid-rise apartment building that will boost the quality of life for all residents!

1. Maintaining Apartments and Amenities

Mid-rise buildings qualify as “mid-rise” because they have enough rooms to rank above low-rise apartments but are too short to be high-rise residencies. This means they have substantial space that needs attention. Hiring a management company will ensure all amenities and building infrastructure are well-maintained.

Management companies monitor the condition and functionality of common amenities including elevators, phone booths, shared laundry rooms, and more. They will also take care of basic structural needs like roof and window repairs, renovations, and storm repair. Management’s role is to ensure that each apartment is in good condition and all inhabitants are kept safe, healthy, and comfortable.

Each community and apartment has unique facilities and requirements. Management companies can feature administrators and onsite personnel to handle routine care and maintenance. They also coordinate minor and major repairs and renovations based on requests and routine evaluations. Mid-rise apartment owners can hire a team for full-service maintenance or specific amenities.

2. Coordinating Community Communications

Communication is integral in community management. Apartment managers handle the communication of internal memos, general notices, and marketing information. They can track and schedule meetings, record key information and ensure everyone receives meeting notices or notes. Managers also prepare meeting data and research.

More importantly, a mid-rise apartment building manager functions as a link between the tenants and board members. The company has ears on the ground and communication frameworks to ensure the interests of both parties—residents and building owners— are well understood. Building management companies can handle maintenance requests and complaints from tenants. They also communicate board policies and changes.

Depending on the services contracted, the management company can provide customer service, including 24/7 response and dispute resolution. The management companies will also appoint contact points to ensure members follow the governing documents. Most full-service packages cover all communications, including with suppliers and vendors.

3. Community Management Administration

The board members each have specific administrative responsibilities to ensure the apartment is run and managed as needed. Managing a mid-rise apartments for rent in Washington building involves placing material orders, handling communications, maintaining property records, and organizing inspections. Professional apartment management will also manage accounting and budgeting reporting.

The management company can assist with all administrative functions associated with routine operations like rent collection and personnel services. Data processing, records management, regular reporting, printing, and equipment repair all fall within the scope of administrative facilities.

An experienced manager is appointed to act as the primary contact for the community. Besides easily accessible support, the management team is expected to enforce regulations uniformly and guide board meetings and budget preparation. 

4. Community Financial Services

Apartment and association managers can handle various financial services but are mainly contracted for accounts receivable management. Professional managers can take care of billing, reporting delinquencies, updating the board, and initiating legal action for funds collection. The management company will also work with the board’s attorney to coordinate legal action.

Financial management is crucial to maintaining a well-run mid-rise apartment building. This management involves creating accurate monthly reports, tracking budgets, and vendor contract management. Other aspects of financial management include insurance acquisition, attorney hiring, tax preparation, and HOA CPAs. The management understands the board’s financial position at all times and can provide reliable guidance for decision-making or make actual purchases, confidently.

Your management team must track variances between actual budgets and forecasts. Effective financial management also informs strategic planning. The management team should demonstrate transparency, accountability, and flexibility to ensure sound budgeting.

Other Management Company Services

Each mid-rise apartment requires custom management services to address its specific goals and needs. The purpose of hiring a management company is to support those specific board policies and keep the property in perfect condition for the tenants. Apartment owners are responsible for providing common services described in the tenancy documents. They hire managers to fulfill their promises and ensure the documents and policies are respected.

The managers can handle all the basics from finding qualified vendors to supervising maintenance and enforcing board policies. You’ll encounter standard packages like financial-online management and maintenance. However, leading mid-rise apartment management companies offer customized services; the board should understand precisely what they need in a management company and determine the best management package accordingly.

Reliable Mid-Rise Management

Mid-rise apartments need effective management to keep tenants happy and achieve board visions. Working with experts will streamline management for the best outcomes. HOA boards and apartment owners should turn to lead mid-rise management firms. Choosing a management company with a clean track record and accountability is the best way to guarantee successful management!

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