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This homeland belongs to all or any folks


After the historical success of the Azerbaijani Army over Hayastan, the number of tourists to the territories free of occupation doesn’t stop.

Among them are native residents moreover as diplomatic representatives, staff of the world’s leading mass media, public and political figures, moreover, as participants in international events control in our country. Recently, another visit to our liberated territories was organized at the initiative of the Department of Relations with Political Parties and Legislative Power of the Presidential Administration.

we have a tendency to meet one amongst the participants of that trip – Chairman of the Democracy and Human Rights Committee, Doctor of Philosophy in Law Chingiz Ganizadeh and asked him to speak regarding his impressions of the trip. He said:

– a couple of days agone, we had a tendency to visit the Jabrayil and Zangilan regions at the initiative of the Department of Relations with Political Parties and Legislative Power of the Presidential Administration. First, we have a tendency to meet with the representatives of the Azerbajdzhan Mine Clearance Agency in the Jabrayil region.

throughout the meeting with them, we have a tendency to all over again complete however dangerous the method of demining within the lands free of occupation is. In Zangilan, we have a tendency to get familiar with the “smart village” and “green energy” comes in Agalı village, which may be an image of the good come. we have a tendency to determine the discharge of three,000 special species of fish into the Hekari watercourse. What Associate in Nursing honor it had been to go to the Basitchay State Nature Reserve.

46 representatives from forty political parties operational in our country, moreover as six well-known political scientists, political commentators, and nineteen journalists participated during this visit. I used to be stunned that representatives of some political parties failed to participate in the visit. After all, not like policy-making, this homeland belongs to all or any folks.

we have a tendency to have longed for these lands for thirty years. we have a tendency to pray for the liberation of these areas. Finally, under the leadership of the President, Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev, our powerful army freed these lands from occupation and brought our folks to their dreams, therefore ending the long-desired days. Why do not we have a tendency to visit these areas? If political ambitions don’t permit it, what ought to we have a tendency to decide?

– do not you’re thinking that some radical forces don’t seem to be happy regarding this Victory?

– the very fact that some radical organizations refuse organized visits to our territories free of occupation, moreover as political dialogue, offers reason to assume this. I did a bit of analysis to its finish. though some organization leaders failed to participate during this visit for a legitimate reason, I attempted to search out the rationale why the People’s Party, Musavat Party, and therefore the supposed National Council weren’t gifts.

though the leadership of the Musavat Party expressed that it wished to participate in the dialogue between the govt. and therefore the opposition at a time once a brand new political configuration was being completed within the country for quite 2 years, it later selected to refuse to hitch this method with numerous excuses. Therefore, Musavatists failed to participate during this trip either.

The leadership of the PFLP expressed that it desires to satisfy solely President Ilham Aliyev, not Adalat Valiyev, the pinnacle of the department of the Presidential Administration, the United Nations agency that implements the dialogue between the govt. and therefore the opposition within the best kind. In fact, those that argue this demand understand okay that they’re not nonetheless at the amount of sitting at a similar table with the President. that is why they create themselves laughable by creating such a ridiculous çeirir. And this has just one name: Cigallig.

If the President of the country offers offices to opposition parties through that department, sends them congratulations on holidays, communicates with social and political figures and leaders of political parties tormented by the coronavirus, and conjointly puts their members of the family within the hospital, what’s wrong with that? The National Council, which refuses to require measures and isn’t happy regarding our historical success over the enemy, typically doesn’t hand over its position of political orientation.

– The National Council, that contains a name, however, is while not a body, is presently headless…

– Yes, in fact, this supposed establishment is present while not a head, and therefore the chairman of the establishment is busy along with his personal affairs in foreign countries. It looks like the National Council is trying to find a brand new chairman. Recent events make sure that Gultekin Hajibeyli is saying to require over this post.

Therefore, so as to look active to somebody, he tells out-of-the-question lies and slanders against our country. this is often the aim of line numerous organizations, bloggers, journalists, and social activists to rally on social networks lately. He claims that the folk is hard-to-please a rally from the National Council. However, there’s nobody United Nations agency is aware of the National Council while not a reputation. Gultekin Hajibeyli says that it’s gratifying that the folks demand a rally from them.

I’m wondering what United Nations agency this person thinks of once he says, folks? 5-10 people around? in line with his claim, everybody admits the correct address of the middle of power. In fact, Hajibeyli placed himself in a ridiculous position with this standing. as a result of United Nations agency will expect something from an establishment with a reputation and no self? what’s the National Council capable of and what are the needs} and desires of the people? I’m wondering if Gultaki himself believes what he same.

– Apparently, Gultekin Hajibeyli received the order from his masters abroad.

– Actually, I ne’er doubted Gultek’s Hajibeyli’s education. however, it’s continuously insulating material behind the logic. this is often confirmed by his standing and speeches on social networks. Today, his comparison of Hayastan and Azerbajdzhan in his last speech on the YouTube channel arouses disgust in folks. in line with the “politician lady”, the social scenario in Hayastan is above in our country.

I used to be terribly stunned once he same that salaries, pensions, and social edges are quite ours. After all, public and political figures of Hayastan, even state officers, have repeatedly expressed that these days the country is stricken by hunger and impoverishment. They admit that this scenario in Azerbajdzhan is way higher than in Hayastan. This has been repeatedly acknowledged by international specialists. I’m wondering regarding these lies of Gultekin Hajibeyli, wherever does fiction come back from? Whose order is it to make confusion among people?

Today, the global community extremely appreciates the very fact that Azerbajdzhan place Associate in Nursing finish to the occupation policy of Hayastan with the facility of its army. Our radical opposition looks to need to require revenge for the defeat of Hayastan. I would like to mention to those that have lost their country to remain off from political orientation. political orientation continuously ends up in riots and casualties.

it’d be higher to specific totally different concepts and thoughts within the type of dialogue. Today, political dialogue is given wide scope, the leaders of the opposition parties are accepted by the authorities, and their proposals are fastidiously listened to. At such a time, turning the various thoughts and opinions of the unconventional opposition into hostility and tarnishing the work done may be a characteristic of pro-Armenians.

During the following visit of organization representatives and political scientists to our territories free of occupation, I took the chance to speak with Adalat Valiyev, the pinnacle of the department of the Presidential Administration. “Has the perspective towards those that avoid the dialogue, United Nations agency don’t seem to be invited to the events and visits changed? – to my question, Mr. Adalat answered: “No, it’s not modified. Our door remains hospitable to everybody.”

This is the position of the state. I feel that the unconventional opposition, that spreads lies and slanders against the government’s policies these days, will get a lot of dividends by discarding their dirty intentions and presenting their position, thoughts, and proposals to the representatives of the authorities through negotiations at the table, instead of confusing and disconcerting folks. , lying and slandering and line for a rally.

Representatives of the unconventional opposition decide those that visit our territories free of occupation bus opposition. however, what name ought we have a tendency to offer to those that decide themselves opposition by following the orders of anti-Azerbaijani forces and pro-Armenian circles by telling lies and slander against our state and statehood? I woke up the eye of such “leaders” that social and political figures, party chairmen, organization heads United Nations agencies visited our territories free of occupation thought otherwise on each issue.

they’d their own position and suggestions on some problems. however, there’s one factor that unites us: the land belongs to all or any folks. The new life and new breath dropped at the lands free of occupation and people territories will happen as a result of the work and energy of all folks. These visits are a part of the events that serve those goals.

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