Monday, September 26, 2022

How to Play Paintball: A Quick Guide for Beginners


If you’re looking to find something new to do this weekend, you might want to try your hand at paintball!
If you’ve wanted to play paintball, then you’re likely intimidated and not sure where to start. You want to know how to play paintball and the important paintball tips to stay safe.
This short guide will help you get started with playing paintball so you don’t have to be stressed when you finally get to it!
Here’s what you need to know regarding paintball for beginners:

Safety First

As paintball can be a dangerous sport, you want to ensure that you have adequate protective gear before stepping out into the field!
The first item to buy is a protective mask. You can view a great selection of paintball masks online. You need to choose a mask that fits tightly around your face — as paintball can reach underneath it.You also need to wear long and thick clothing. Always wear jeans or trousers rather than shorts. You might also want to wear leggings or compression pants underneath for added protection.
You should also wear a long-sleeve t-shirt or sweater to protect your upper body. You might also want to consider wearing thick gloves.

Shooting With a Paintball Gun

The next step is to learn how to shoot with a paintball gun. As a beginner, you don’t want to worry about choosing the “best” paintball gun.
Your main focus should be to improve your shooting accuracy. You want to visit your local paintball shop to practice at their range. It’s best to spend at least one hour per week for a month or two before playing paintball.
If you jump into a paintball match without prior target shooting, you’ll likely get eliminated immediately!
You can also go to paintball fields to practice your skills. You can request a training session where you’ll navigate the field and shoot at stationary targets.

Basic Guidelines and Rules

Finally, before you play paintball you want to ensure that you follow the basic guidelines and rules.
This ensures that you’ll always be welcome to play paintball in the future and that you aren’t violating any laws.
As a general rule, you should adhere to the following:

  • Never shoot another player who is less than 10 feet away from you
  • Never shoot at a player who is leaving the field
  • Never fire at a player’s face or intimate body parts
  • If firing at a player who isn’t facing you, it’s best to shoot at their upper body

Make sure you discuss the rules with the referee before playing paintball. If you feel uncomfortable with any rules, then you should avoid playing in a particular tournament.

You’re Ready to Play Paintball

Now you know how to prepare yourself to play paintball responsibly without having to compromise on the fun!
Make sure you first stock up on protective gear and clothing. Never play a paintball game that requires you to play without such gear.
You want to practice your shooting at your local paintball range before playing in a tournament. Make sure you also learn about the guidelines and rules before playing.
You can find more great paintball tips on our blog!

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