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Preparing for a Healthcare Job Interview: Advice From University of Phoenix


Preparing for a Healthcare Job Interview: Advice From the University of Phoenix Once someone has graduated with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a healthcare discipline, they will soon be applying for roles as health managers or medical, public health, or health administration professionals with hospitals, medical offices, and other healthcare companies.

The interview process can be a daunting one for anyone looking to start a new career, but those interested in taking the first step can ease the process by preparing in advance. With a clear understanding of the sorts of questions candidates are likely to encounter and some insight into how to frame their answers, new job candidates in healthcare can be well prepared for job interviews.

Successful interview preparation can help candidates interested in healthcare careers from becoming flustered during the interview, allow them to clearly demonstrate their skills and knowledge about the company and the healthcare industry and prevent them from answering with information that might cast them in a negative light.

Common Questions for a Healthcare Job Interview and How to Answer Them

A recent University of Phoenix blog post delves into 12 common healthcare interview questions and how to answer them. Inevitably, the interview will begin with a simple request to “tell us about yourself.” The key tactic here is to focus on particular skill sets you have that align with a company’s needs. For instance, those with a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration from the University of Phoenix may focus on their skills in information management, finance, quality management or compliance, all top skills developed during the degree program.

The interview will almost certainly contain some version of the question “Why do you want to work with us?” as well. This question gives candidates the opportunity to share what they know about the organization and how it aligns with their own personal mission and values. Candidates might answer, for example, that they are thrilled to work with an organization that prioritizes patient care.

When discussing personal strengths, the University’s post recommends that candidates steer clear of obvious answers like organization. Instead, they should focus on their experience in healthcare settings and healthcare-specific skill sets like empathy and problem-solving. Interviewers are also likely to ask candidates about their personal weaknesses. Ideally, job seekers come prepared to talk about how they can be over-enthusiastic or otherwise eager to take on tasks that they overcommit.

Preparation Includes Research on Healthcare Industry Trends

Preparation for a healthcare job interview involves not only strategizing about what skills and experiences to highlight but also researching the company and industry trends. This way, a candidate can speak with some authority about why they are drawn to the work and the role and can demonstrate their knowledge of the healthcare industry more broadly.

Showing interest and enthusiasm around healthcare initiatives and sharing an informed opinion about specific healthcare trends related to the patient experience or technology can show the interviewer that a candidate is qualified and excited to grow in the field. The University of Phoenix blog also recommends that candidates reference healthcare blogs or media that they use to stay up-to-date with trends.

Demonstrating Patient Care

Healthcare is a people-centered industry, and interviewers are likely going to ask job candidates how they manage difficult patients in order to best understand a candidate’s communication skills, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving abilities. The University’s blog recommends that job candidates emphasize how they use skills like patience, understanding, and listening to deliver better care.

Similarly, candidates may be asked about delivering bad news to patients and their families, another potentially fraught topic. This is an opportunity for candidates to share with an interviewer that they can be caring and compassionate. A good response might include that they will ask the patient about his or her preferences in delivering information.

Get the Right Degree for a Healthcare Career at the University of Phoenix

It can be an advantage to come to a healthcare job interview with a degree that emphasizes sought-after career skills. The University of Phoenix strives to serve the needs of working adults, and healthcare degree programs prioritize skills-aligned learning, ensuring that the skills developed in various core and elective coursework match the skills most in-demand from today’s healthcare employers.

Those interested in pursuing careers in healthcare have numerous degree programs and certificate options at the University of Phoenix. The Master of Health Administration is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME). These online healthcare degree programs provide essential skills around communication, management, finances, compliance, and patient records that students and job candidates can point to during the interview process to show their readiness for a career as a health administration professional.

About University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is committed to advancing the educational goals of adult and nontraditional learners and to making it possible for working adults to get the degrees they need to pursue new careers in healthcare, business, technology, and education. The University of Phoenix provides numerous scholarship opportunities, flexible schedules, online learning, career-guided degree programs. The University’s Career Services for Life®’s commitment to active students and graduates helps them more effectively pursue career and personal aspirations while balancing their busy lives. For more information, visit

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