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3 Different Types of Injury Attorneys You Might Need


Compared to trial lawyers and tax attorneys, those who specialize in personal injury attorneys aren’t even on the highest paying legal jobs list.

Sure, being an injury lawyer can be financially rewarding sometimes. Still, it’s such a competitive field that if you decide to be a personal injury attorney for the money, you’ll be shocked at how difficult achieving that goal is. For many personal injury lawyers, the real reward is helping people and making a difference in the lives of their injured clients.

Now, if you’re an injured victim or know someone who is, it would be best to understand the areas of specialization for injury attorneys. Here are some of them.

1. Car Accident Injuries

Tort or personal injury law is a broad field. One of the most common legal cases injury lawyers handle involves automobile accidents.

Failure to follow road rules, carelessness, and lack of vigilance are some top causes of vehicular accidents and injuries. It’s the job of a personal injury attorney to prove one or more of these causes so that the driver at fault (or their insurance company) becomes liable for the plaintiff’s sufferings.

To do this, an injury attorney will gather medical documentation, insurance information, and other evidence to prove their client’s claims. For the most part, car accident cases don’t end up in a trial. Instead, they often conclude with settlements with insurance companies.

2. Workplace Injuries

Personal injury attorneys could also specialize in workplace injury cases. What’s interesting about this is worker’s comp law varies from state to state.

That means if you have thoughts of representing yourself, you could encounter issues with securing benefits since processing claims can be challenging without the assistance of an accident injury attorney.

Falls, internal injuries, repetitive motion injuries, chronic exposure to toxic substances, and psychological/emotional trauma are some examples of workplace injuries. A personal injury attorney can also help if an employer gives an injured worker unfair treatment for demanding compensation.

3. Wrongful Death

While “personal injury” suggests that injury attorneys only handle cases where injuries result from accidents, they also take on wrongful death cases.

Here, wrongful death is separate from criminal prosecution. The focus of an injury attorney is to substantiate the family’s claims of negligence or misconduct on the defendant’s part.

The defendant can still be charged with murder or manslaughter, but the personal injury lawyer will zero in on the circumstances that lead to wrongful death. These include medical malpractice, manufacturing defects, motor vehicle accidents, and so on.

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