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Why is the ISO 9000 standard so popular?


ISO 9000

The ISO 9001 standard is the best standard that is followed by most of the organizations of India to establish the Quality Management System in their organization.

Why is the ISO 9000 standard so popular?

Every customer needs a good product that he can use without any interruption and it can also be easy to use. As the demand for good products is rising, companies are trying to manufacture the best products in order to satisfy and complete the needs of the customers.

And the best way to manufacture the best and good products that would satisfy the customers is to follow the best management processes in the organization with a well-planned business model. And here the ISO 9000 Certification plays an important role that would help and provide the organizations the best practices that can be followed in the organization.

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So What is ISO 9000?

The ISO 9000 is basically a Quality Management standard that is a popular standard among the other ISO standards. It presents the guidelines to increase business efficiency and customer satisfaction. The primary goal of the ISO 9000 is to embed the Quality Management System in the organizations to reduce unnecessary costs by ensuring the quality of the process and the products.

The best thing about the ISO 9001 standard is that it is applicable to organizations and businesses for every sector. The process-oriented approach which is provided in ISO 9001 makes the standard applicable also to service-based organizations.

How the ISO 9000 standard works?

The standard can be said as a setup that consists of a collection of guidelines that helps an organization to establish, maintain and improve the management system.

It should be noted that the ISO 9000 is not a rigid set of requirements, and the organizations that are applying to it have the flexibility but the goal should be fulfilled that is to maintain a Quality Management System in the organization. This freedom allows the standard applicable to the various organizations irrespective of their sizes.

Once the process-oriented approach is implemented in the organization then the audits are done in the organization for a check of the effectiveness of the organization’s Quality Management System.

There are three types of Audit and they are 1st, 2nd and 3rd party audits. The 1st party audit is an internal audit. The ISO organization encourages the 1st party audit as it is an audit by the person that has more knowledge about the organizations. However, this audit cannot be viewed as impartial.

In the 2nd party audit, it is allowed for a customer to evaluate the overall performance of the organization. The 3rd party is the one which is done by the independent certification body which audits the organizations by visiting the organization and evaluating the performance.

Most organizations prefer the 3rd party audit. If the organization that had applied for the ISO standard meets the requirements of the standards, then it is certified with the particular certification it is allowed to carry the seal quality recognized throughout the world.

The organizations that are established in India should apply for the ISO Certification in Delhi to increase the profits and scale their organization.

Why is the ISO standard very important in today’s world?

There is a huge population around the world and the people all over the world have a demand for good products that can be consumed easily without having any interruption.

As the demand for good products is increasing, organizations have an opportunity to provide the best products to the consumers and make good profits by establishing the Quality Management System in the organization. The ISO standard is a well-known standard around the globe and people also trust it.


As the International Organization for Standardization is a well-known organization that has developed various standards and one of them is ISO 9000 which is a flexible ISO standard that is applicable to organizations for every sector, it is popular in the world. The organization that wishes to increase the satisfaction of the customers should apply for ISO Certification in India.

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