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Honeymoon Leh packages for the honeymoon



A honeymoon is a beautiful and memorable moment in everybody’s life. Such a precious and precious romantic space will last forever between a couple. This makes your time alone unforgettable, a perfect, romantic venue. Travelogy India plans a beautiful route for six nights in Leh Ladakh for such couples and honeymoon enthusiasts.

“Ladakh” is the right place for honeymoon lovers in Jammu and Kashmir. Perhaps it was called “Moon Land” because of its romantic aura. But you will certainly have several wonderful moments in your life in this Moon Land.

You can experience a very fantastic journey with your better-half with this 7 days Ladakh Honeymoon Package. The journey continues through the road trip to Ladakh Leh districts, where you can find fabulous tourist attractions such as Pangong Lake, Chang La Pass, Khardung La Pass, etc.

In particular, your day in the Nubra Valley also called the “Flowers Valley,” creates a wonderful picturesque platform to offer your deep-hearted love to your loving partner. So, with many more things in this special honeymoon package, you will be very surprised.

Day 1: Arrival to Leh

Leh Airport is your destination. You will be taken by the travel agent team and sent to a hotel. Leisure is the rest of the day.

In this way, you can enjoy the beautiful views from within the hotel or go out to chill with your partner some time. This day will also help you acclimatize your environment.

Enjoy your day at the hotel overall and be prepared to begin your trip the next day.

Day 2: Leh -Sham Valley

Your first day trip to Sham Valley will take you to a beautiful sunrise in the snow-covered mountains. You can start to discover the beauty of Sham Valley with your loving heart after having breakfast at the hotel.

The day begins with a visit at a height of 12,000 feet to the Temple of Sahib Patthar Gurudwara. After visiting it, you will remain speechless. It’s in Sham Valley a well-known Sikh Temple.

The next place to visit is the confluence between Indus and Zanskar. The rush of two different water flows and the soil mix at a meeting point in two rivers is a new path into the ocean.

Here the confluence of the rivers means your true love to enter a new phase. Get back to your Hotel after exploring the wonders of Sham Valley and spend the night.

Day: 3 Sham – Nubra Village

Tour Day 3 to Nubra Village will be routed. But this town’s traveling experience remains an adventurous journey for you. Become very exciting and dangerous the rolling roads mounted by rocky mountains. The views of a moving vehicle, however, are only amazing and mental.

You pass Khardung La Pass, which is the highest mountain pass in the world, on the way to Nubra Valley. It’s an unforgettable moment to pass through and to hold with your love.

The panoramic views of small villages under the Pass will astonish everyone with their charm in addition to these deep mountainous areas. Don’t forget to bring you a cam.

Visitors are especially welcome to visit Deskit and Hunder villages. Finally, you will reach the Nubra Valley after crossing rough roads. The rest is sightseeing tours through the valley.

You are able to prepare for a camper in Nubra after you have locked the intriguing captures of the Valley of Flowers. The best night to spend in the lap of nature is to enjoy.

Day 4: Nubra – Leh

You have to wrap your stuff up to get back to Leh after spending a lovely night in Nubra Valley. As usual, the mountain passes back to Leh through the ups and downs.

Then take some time to rest and get ready to go to Leh tours. You will visit this time Leh’s renowned historical sites. Shanti Stupa, Leh Gompa and others are some of the main sites through which you are. You can simply have fun with the monuments and their architectural styles.

Later, in Leh Market, you’ll be free to shop. You can go through Leh Market’s streets with your partner to shop for anything she wants. For handicrafts and souvenirs, Leh Market is well known.

Don’t forget to purchase your love souvenir. It will always be like a replica of your love which remembers Leh Ladakh’s days. Also, remember to taste Leh’s local delicacies.

Day 5: Leh – Pangong Lake

Finally, on Day 5, “Pangong lake,” you will be taken to the Ladakh Marvel. The eternal beauty of this lake cannot be described by words alone. As you’ve experienced the Nubra Valley road trip, you’re going along the same roads.

But you’re going to cross Chang La Pass this time. It is one of the highest mountain passes in the world as well. Closer to the lake, the lake’s beauty at 14,000 feet above sea level can be seen with great excitement.

You will forget the harder time you spend with a big difficulty crossing hills when you reach the lake. This is Pangong Lake’s magical spell.

You are fascinated by the blue lake with its snow-capped mountains. After witnessing the charisma of Lake Pangong you will definitely hug your love.

Day6: Leisure Day

You return to Leh after having enjoyed the fantastic views of Pangong Lake. And day 6 is left to you to enjoy your desires. For couples, it’s a fun day.

You can stay at the hotel or you can go to Leh tours. You can explore the rest of Leh’s tourist attractions if you want to skip it away.

The Buddhist monasteries are better to visit. The best spots to visit during the day include Stok Palace, the Hall of Fame Museum, and the Hemis Monastery. You can go to shopping if you are interested.

Day7: Leh

This day completes a total of 7 days of the journey. So you must pack your bags to your destinations at home. You will leave at Leh Airport after having a sumptuous breakfast at the hotel. The Honeymoon package with sweet memories in Leh Ladakh is over.

You always remember them when you reach your destinations, the memories, and the time you spent there. For honeymoon lovers, it’s such a beautiful romantic destination.

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