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Hampta Pass


One of the walks in the Himalayas is the Hampta Pass. The hotel lies at 4260m altitude between Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu Valley and Lahore’s Chandra Valley. Acquisition of the Hampta Pass is very exciting. It is a great adventure especially to cross the Pass.

The green valley of the Kullu has beautiful vines, grass, shrubs, and flowers that offer a beautiful panoramic view of the valley.

Forests, pine trees, and many waterfalls are located along the way to this valley. There are several vertical rock walls and suspended glaciers. You will be most fascinated by the beautiful rhododendron forest here.

How to Reach

By Cab: until base camp Jobra a cab can be booked. Then you can walk the rest of the distance.

The Hampta basecamp road is well linked to important Indian municipalities such as Delhi, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Bangalore, and Chennai.

Trains and flights offer access to Manali, but some parts of the city need to travel on the streets. You can easily get to Jobra, the Hampta Pass base camp, by cab or bus after entering the city of Manali.

Train: Jogindernagar Railway Station is the closest railway station to Hampta Pass. It is 61.1 km from Joginder Nagar to Hamta Pass. Cabs at Railway Station are available. It would take about 2 –2,5 hours to get from Joginder Nagar to Hampta Pass.

Tourist Attractions

Small forest

You will find forests on both sides of the road at the start of the valley as you reach Hampta Pass. You can find various types of trees such as oak, maple, pine, birch, etc in this forest. In the forest, too, you can camp at night. You will be fascinated by the beauty of the forest.

Dramatic pass crossing

You will love this place if you like Pass Crossing a lot. This is another kind of adventure you will experience. This is a narrow valley in form. White snow is under the valley. You will notice brown walls on either side as you rise to this valley. Go up and get to the top of the hill. Not less than a celestial place.

Drive Jobra from Manali

One of the best mountain rides is to travel from Manali to Jobra. During this journey, you will cross various forests like oak wood, apple woods, and cedarwood. If you’re going to Jobra it gets colder and colder and the temperature drops. You will experience a thrilling journey.

Stunning campsite

The campsites – Balu Ka Ghera and Seya Goru – are excellent. This Seya Guru campsite in Lahul is loved by most hikers. The campsite is surrounded by green pastures, nice cold air, mountains. A river flows in the middle, making this place precise for an appropriate campground.

Now the majority of people are going to propose you book a room with a pool at your hotel and laze all day in hand with watermelon juice. Granted, it sounds attractive, even when typing it. But just Nah. But close. I’m not one to suggest such a holiday.

I like adventures. – I like adventures. I like thrillers. I like thrillers. In my holidays I like to feel re-powered, active and inspired. I like to be fruitful. And for you too, that’s exactly what I want!

I propose you take a daring journey and make your break even more intentional. You are more than satisfied to have your breakthrough the haste of trekking up the mountains, the views that accompany this journey, and the great memories that you have on this fantastic trek.

The answer is quite straightforward. Be aware of the climatic environment and roads and the season of travel – your best bet is the Hampta Pass Trek! This tour is one of the most astonishing crossroad trekking trails in the higher Himalayan region. And best of all, you can always go further and follow the Chandratal Trek.

Many campsites along the way ensure that you can see the most magnificent views next to your eyes. Huge mountains, rivers of cascading, countless horses frying in the grasslands, colorful flowers make it absolutely unforgettable.

Adding Chandratal to the walk makes the walk more exciting. In real life, the Moon Lake is best experienced.

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